10 People Who Should Use Linux

I’ve been thinking lately that there are actually certain types of people out there that should be using Linux instead of Windows.

Types of people who should be using Linux

Geeks and people who enjoy tinkering with computers

If you enjoy psychically building computers, chances are you’ll like tinkering with the operating system once your machine is running.  There is no better operating system to tinker with than Linux.

People who want easy security

Linux is much more secure than windows ‘out of the box’.  If you don’t want to bother with security, you should be using Linux.

People who want a unique look and feel

With Linux desktop environments, you can customize anything and everything you see on your screen with the right amount of knowledge.  You really can’t do that in Windows.

People who like the idea of open source software

If you support the principles of open source technology and wish to practice them to the fullest, you’ll definitely want to be running Linux.

Programmers who enjoy contributing to free open source software

This title should really be for all programmers.  If you’re a code nut, you should be running Linux.

People who only use the computer for basic needs and don’t want to be bothered by viruses and spyware.

I recently moved some of my family to a basic Ubuntu desktop.  The majority of their computer use consists of browsing, email, pictures, and instant messaging.  No reason for them to be running Windows if that is all they do.  Linux can not only do it faster, but better, and much more safely.

People who don’t want to have to reboot because there computer starts “running slow” due to adware, spyware, bloatware, etc.

This goes right along the lines with the last one.  Most non-techie computer users think that their computer is always “running so slow” because it’s ‘old’.  Chances are the computer is running slow from having so many adware applications running in the background.  I’ve yet to see a Linux install on any of my family machines, receive, much less slow down from adware, spyware, etc.

Do you use Linux? What type of person are you?

2 thoughts on “10 People Who Should Use Linux

  1. i couldn’t agree with you more. I run two internet cafes in Thailand, and ever since we changed over to Ubuntu, i haven’t had to do ANYTHING in the way of resetting, running ghost programs, updating anti-virus etc. The only downside is compatibility issues with uploading pics to facebook, which is apparently the only thing most people use the internet for anymore :P

  2. Hey Bryan, what internet cafe software do you use since you’re running ubuntu machines? i want to change my machines over to linux but am struggling to find a good management system

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