10 Things To Bring To A Best Buy Camp Out

Best Buy CampersWith all sorts of people already starting to camp out at Best Buy stores around the United States for the new release of the Play Station 3, its important that they have everything they need to stay comfortable. Though it is a bit shocking that nine days before a game console release people are desperate enough to put their lives on hold and spend more than 200 hours in one place, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things to bring to a Best Buy camp out..

  1. Folding Lawn Chairs
    What would a camp out be without some uncomfortable folding lawn chairs?
  2. Time Killers
    Your definitely going need to something to kill the time. Games, books, magazines, cell phones, laptops, iPods, portable gaming systems, bring as much stuff as you can to stay occupied and pass time.
  3. Friends
    In relation to #2, the best time killer is to bring friends. Staying social and having a good time is the best way to pass time in my opinion. You’ll have many advantages if you bring some friends that want to get their hands on a PS3 as well. You can take turn waiting in line to use the restroom, sleep, etc.
  4. Warm clothes
    This is pretty much a given. It’s November. Tell me again, what are these people thinking? Don’t underestimate how cold it will be. It’s better to over compensate.
  5. Overhead shelter
    If you get caught in the rain, you’ll need something to cover your lifeless body. I’d recommend a tarp or at least an umbrella.
  6. Food & Water
    Dehydrated food and plenty of water will help you stay alert and allow your brain to keep functioning. Although, if your brain is functioning then you might remember how crazy you are for waiting in line nine days before launch.
  7. Cooler/Ice
    Bring a cooler to keep your liquids cold for as long as possible. Heck, you can even use it as a foot rest.
  8. Sleeping bag & Pillow
    You’re going to need some sort of comfort when trying to get some shut eye.
  9. Radio
    Bring a radio so you can stay tuned in with the real world. This is also a good time killer.
  10. Credit or Check Card
    Don’t bring cash. Your just asking to get robbed. It’s already obvious that everyone standing in line will have a lot of money on them, so stay safe and protected by using a credit card.

Good luck out there. I’m sure there will be some serious profit payoffs for those willing to soldier the weather and boredom just to get their hands on the Sony Play Station 3.

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