15 Signs that you are addicted to Linux

Here are 15 signs that you are addicted to Linux…

  1. You bring a live CD with you whenever you’ll be using a computer away from your house.
  2. You subscribe to a Linux magazine such as Linux Journal, Linux Mag, or Linux Format
  3. Every time a friend or relative complains about their computer being slow due to spyware, adware and viruses, you tell them to install Linux.
  4. You want a Penguin for a pet.
  5. You understand what the command “mv windows /dev/null” means.
  6. Your home page is http://www.google.com/linux
  7. You subscribe to my RSS feed.
  8. You own a RTFM coffee mug.
  9. You participate in System Administrator Appreciation Day.
  10. You hang out on Freenode.
  11. You are a member of a local Linux User Group.
  12. You have installed Linux on your mom and dads computers.
  13. You know the African definition of the word Ubuntu.
  14. You know who Linus Torvalds is.
  15. You know who Hans Reiser is, and what he is accused of.

Can you think of anymore? Leave a comment and share with everyone.

40 thoughts on “15 Signs that you are addicted to Linux

  1. You don’t order Redmond “FUD” for lunch.

    Everytime you like a new gadget, the first thing on your mind is “Does it work with gnu/Linux?”

    You have a tux soft toy on your desktop.

  2. @arky
    Good additions :) I have a tux soft toy on my desk too, didn’t even think of that.

    Haha, there is no method of rehabilitation! It’s more addictive than crack and heroin. Nine out of ten doctors agree!

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  4. I’m an ex-linux user. I went from xp to linux and then on to vista when it was released. I only answered yes to 2 of the questions (13 & 14)

  5. @bjb “I only answered yes to 2 of the questions (13 & 14)”
    This is the reason you went back to …windows… (oh.. on my keyboard i can’t write Vi.. Vis.. V…)

  6. Sign 16: You keep using Desktop Linux, despite the lack of wireless drivers, the abundance of locks ups, etc.

  7. @bjb “I’m an ex-linux user… I only answered yes to 2 of the questions (13 & 14)”

    If you only answered yes to 13 and 14 I wouldn’t say you’re an ex linux USER, more like “I tried linux before”. You sound like on e of those guys who loaded Ubuntu, found that there’s no GNU version of ___ then jumped ship.

    @bjb “…then on to vista”

    Again just proves that you were n ot really a linux user.

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  9. These lists are suppose to be funny, not a generic list of what any active Linux user would be doing. Try again.

  10. ‘You understand what the command “mv windows /dev/null” means.’

    That would mean “Overwrite my null-device with a file or directory called ‘windows’.”
    That would remove the device-node, not the windows file/directory.

    Oh, and btw, linux isn’t a religion, it’s a fucking operating system!

  11. Roughly 10/15, if i edit a few things, like OFTC instead of Freenode, and my parents don’t own a PC, but my brother does and may be converting. Alsom my distro is my homepage, and I don’t drive so i can’t get to any LUG’s ….

    I am in Salt Lake City so if anyone is near here, want to come pick me up for one ?

    I want a Mr Flibble ! haha I so do. and a red checked gingham dress ;)

    Here’s mine.

    If you appoint yourself the Official Fangirl (or boy!) for any Linux distro.

    I am sidux Official Fangirl.

  12. … oh as far as tux on the desk ? Pfft, we ran out of room for Tux on teh desk a LONG time ago, my GF has at LEAST 30+ penguin/tux plushies now :D They ring the stair around teh sunken part of our living room.

  13. 1. No – USB-stick with linux on it. Cds are so deprecated
    2. No – only reading online articles.
    3. No – I don’t ask, I just do it.
    4. No – Notebook is the mans best friend, no space for pets
    5. No – But I just take a random guess and suggest you can try something like `cat /dev/random > /dev/disk/by-label/WINDOWS`
    6. No – My linux-wiki is my homepage
    7. No – Why would I
    8. No – My mug has my name on it, to prevent it from disappearing
    9. No – Why should I celebrate an admin if I’m always using one of my own notebooks or my USB-Stick Linux
    10. No – OFTC
    11. No -
    12. Yes – to be precise, they are using my old computers
    13. Yes – I think it can be translated with “Linux for gui people”
    14. Yes
    15. Yes

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  18. You write to Bill Gates and suggest he replaces Windows Vista with a rebadged version of Ubuntu Hardy Heron, calling it Windows 0804

  19. “You want a Penguin for a pet.”

    Does rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins count instead? :-D
    Because I suspect my cat wouldn’t get along well with a pet penguin, heh…

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  23. 16. You install VMWare and have several different linux distros installed on one box.

    On my OS X 10.5.2 I have Gentoo, Ubuntu 8.04, CentOS, Damn Small Linux, and Fedora all installed, and dare I say winblows XP too :(

    17. When you sit down at a winblows machine to help your friend get his computer up and running, you always mistakingly type ‘tail -f dmesg’

    18. You always refer to windows as winblows.

    19. You have a tux penguin tattoo

    20. You always think your GF is sexiest when she is wearing nothing but your new Hardy Heron T-shirt

  24. Linux is addictive, its an operating system thats not only productive, is easy and
    fun to use. :)

  25. I was going to add the Tux tattoo to the list as well. I am getting mine (Tux in a “Kill Bill” outfit) next week after I get my financial aid.

    And I only answered yes to about three or four of them.

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