20 Must Read HOWTOs and Guides for Linux

If your a Linux user who enjoys learning new things, I recommend taking a look at the following 20 must read HOW TOs and Guides I’ve gathered over the years. These documents are vital to both new and old Linux users…

  • Advanced Bash Scripting
    Understand and learn how to write bash scripts for the command line.
  • Bluetooth on Linux
    Great document on setting up Bluetooth on Linux.
  • Introduction to Linux
    This is a great overview of Linux, a definite must read for Linux newbies.
  • IPTables
    Secure your network using IPTables.
  • Linux Administration Made Easy
    A very detailed document on Linux administration.
  • Linux Complete Backup and Recovery
    Anyone who has a Linux desktop or server must know how to backup and restore their system at any moments notice. This is an important guide if you absolutely do not want to lose any crucial data.
  • Linux Dictionary
    This is a great resource for finding out information on Linux related terms and jargon.
  • Linux Encryption
    Understand and learn about encryption practices on Linux.
  • Linux Gamers
    Learn the inner workings of how games work on Linux along with how to resolve common problems.
  • Linux IPv6
    Learn about the new layer 3 protocol, IPv6 protocol and how to take advantage of it on Linux.

There are thousands of documents and resources available on the Internet related to Linux. The links compiled here are only tiny portion of the great guides available and are the guides I feel are the most important. Check out my article on the best Linux resources for more great material.

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