Miles Per Dollar

UnfocusedBrain has released a project that calculates the miles per dollar based on the current gas price and the miles per gallon your vehicle gets. This is a great calculator for people who are curious as to how much money they really spend at the pump and throughout their daily driving routine. There is also an option to enter in the mileage to work from home, so that you can view how much a round trip costs you every day.

Some of these numbers are scary. I have a relative who drives a round trip of 80 miles a day to and from work. Her car gets 20 miles per gallon and gas is roughly $3.19 in our area. Lets do the math:

She is getting roughly 6 miles per dollar.

A round trip to and from work costs her roughly $13.00

That is roughly $64.00 a week.

And almost $200 a month. Just for work!

Keep in mind that this is only to and from work, nothing else. We all know that gas is not the only cost that comes along with driving, but it does play a major role as the most costly.

Maybe now we’ll think twice about that weekend trip to the beach?

Or maybe not …

Windows Vista Screen Shots

Our favorite people over at Microsoft have a new pre release candidate for Windows Vista. Since the build is only available to the first 100,000 downloads, I decided to grab it as soon as I could rather than waiting for the actually release candidate. I downloaded it using the wget –referrer switch so that I could trick the Microsoft website into thinking I was coming from a referring URL. Once the download finished, I went ahead and loaded it up in VMWare.

Here are some screen shots of some areas of Windows Vista that I will further discuss and delve into later.
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SSH + Screen = Easy Administration

I have access to a numerous amount of Linux machines for work and personal matters. Instead of having a ton of different SSH or PuTTY windows open, each connected to a server that I administrate, I decided to use screen to connect to all of them, and manage each one in a different screen window.

Before getting into my screen configuration, its also important to note that on top of my screen setup, I have also configured SSH to authenticate via SSH keys, so I wouldn’t have to always type the password when admining from my “playbox”.

Here is how I set up SSH keys.

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