10 Windows Books To Buy For Christmas

It’s almost that time of year again. The time where we all sit by the fire and enjoy a nice cup of eggnog while cuddled under a fleece blanket reading our favorite books, waiting for Santa Clause to come down our chimney and deliver us gifts. So, if your a Microsoft Windows user or administrator, or you know someone who is, this list of 10 Windows books to buy for Christmas is just for you..

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Modify SSH Config To Maximize Security

SSH is a powerful remote logging protocol that took the place of telnet back in the mid-to-late 90′s. With so many people using SSH as an every day tool, it is important for server administrators to understand some ways of making the secure shell a bit more… well… secure. In this article you will learn how a few simple configuration modifications to sshd_config on your SSH server can improve the security of your SSH daemon and allow you to sleep better at night…

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Prevent users from logging into your system

If you are a system administrator who allows remote access to your server or desktop, you may want to disable certain users from logging into the system both remotely and locally. This article will explain how to prevent certain users from logging into your Linux machine via SSH (OpenSSH_4.4p1) and FTP (vsftpd 2.0.5).

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10 Linux Books To Buy For Christmas

If your looking for an easy Christmas gift to get your geeky friend or spouse, take a look at the following 10 Linux books that I think every Linux enthusiast should own.

These Linux Books have helped me in my understanding of the operating system, I hope they help you too.
Merry reading, shopping, and Christmas!

Free Linux Classes!

LinuxBasics.org is a fairly new website designed to help users in the Linux community learn more about the Linux operating system by way of free linux classes. Now on their second course, LinuxBasic.org uses a slightly edited version of “Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide” by Machtelt Garrels as a study guide. Classes started last month, but it doesn’t seem to late. Check them out and catch up with the rest of the LinuxBasic community.

You can view the schedule here.

10 Things To Bring To A Best Buy Camp Out

Best Buy CampersWith all sorts of people already starting to camp out at Best Buy stores around the United States for the new release of the Play Station 3, its important that they have everything they need to stay comfortable. Though it is a bit shocking that nine days before a game console release people are desperate enough to put their lives on hold and spend more than 200 hours in one place, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things to bring to a Best Buy camp out.. Continue reading

A Quick Guide To Securing Your System From Physical Attacks

So, your network is behind a firewall, and your system is hardened? Have you took a moment to think about the actual physical security of your network and machines? Though an unlikely risk in a home based environment, it is important to consider physical attacks as a factor to prevent. In this article, I will go over two easy to do tasks that will move your system(s) another step closer to physical security. Continue reading