Intuits QuickBooks Embraces Linux

.. Well, kind of. According to this press release dated June 13th, 2007, Intuit Inc. announced that it will be offering businesses its QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software on Linux servers. The Linux Database Server Manager is free and will be available for download via Intuit’s site on June 25th, 2007. However, the functionality is only available to users running QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0 or later.

Obviously this is great news for the Linux community. Intuit is a fairly big company that has been around and established for quite some time now, so its nice to see Linux being embraced more and more by big businesses who are tired of the drag-along costs of operating a separate server for applications they can’t run on their Linux servers. Now the question is (and I hope it happens) will Intuit be releasing a QuickBooks version for the Linux desktop? Only time will tell.