I’m Linux

By now we’ve all seen the “I’m a PC” and “I’m a mac” ad’s on the TV and on the Internet.  Now the Linux Foundation is holding a contest and getting community members to submit their best “I’m Linux” videos and picking a winner which will be revealed in April.  Some of the videos are actually pretty cool.

Here are a few of my favorites:

For more videos and details go here.

Can Linux Save the IT Industry in this Econmic Downturn?

Over at Internet News Sean Kerner writes that the IT industry is turning to Linux in our current economic downturn.

A new report out today from IDC, sponsored by Linux vendor Novell indicates that the current economic downturn is a good thing for Linux adoption. with more than half of the IT executives surveyed planning to accelerate Linux adoption in 2009… According to IDC, in a poll of 300 IT professionals more than 72 percent reported that, “they are either actively evaluating or have already decided to increase their adoption of Linux on the server in 2009.”

I’m sure most of our readers have heard that Linux, as well as open source, is a great option during times of economic stress.  Companies and even every day users are turning to cheaper and free alternatives to expensive software and operating systems and Linux is just the right place to turn.

This is a great thing for Linux, even though it sucks for our current state of the economy.  Let’s just hope Linux can prove worthy and benefit in these tough times.

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15 Facts About the Linux Kernel

Celebrating the 15 year anniversary of the Linux 1.0.0 kernel, Junauza posted a list of 15 cool facts about the Linux kernel.  Here are a few of my favorites:

- An asteroid was named after the creator of the Linux kernel.

- According to a study funded by the European Union, the estimated cost to redevelop the most recent kernel versions would be at $1.14 billion USD.

- Linux kernel 1.0.0 was released with 176,250 lines of code. The latest Linux kernel has over 10 million lines of code.

- The Linux kernel can be found on more than 87% of systems on the world’s Top 500 supercomputers.

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