5 Reasons NOT To Upgrade to Windows Vista

Windows Vista (TM)Microsoft’s long awaited release of Windows Vista is set to debut at the end of this month for businesses, and in early 2007 for standard consumers. With so many views on the pros and cons of Vista, its hard to really get a grasp on if users should upgrade from their current operating system to the new Vista. It is my strong opinion that users should NOT upgrade at least until the new operating system has had time to live in the real world, under the hands of ordinary users. Let us take some time to find out if Microsoft’s senior vice president Bob Muglia was correct when he boasted that Vista is the most secure operating system on the market. After all, we wouldn’t want to empty our pockets and have it turn out to be like Windows ME. With that said, I have put together a list of opinionated reasons NOT to upgrade to Windows Vista.

  • Cost
    Microsoft has been known for price gouging in the past, but the release of Vista takes the term to a whole new level. A copy of Microsoft Vista Ultimate is going to cost almost fifty percent more than a copy of Microsoft XP Pro. If thats not price gouging I don’t know what is! James Gaskin put it best when he said:
  • … I estimate each Vista user will cost your company between $3,250 and $5,000. That’s each and every Vista user… New PCs will cost $1,500-$2,000. Darn few existing corporate PCs will have the video horsepower needed to run Aero, Vista’s primary upgrade inducement. You need 256MB of video RAM to run Aero properly, no matter what Microsoft’s marketing says. I don’t know of any motherboard-based video chip sets that include 256MB of RAM. Upgrade? While in the PC, add memory: Vista needs a minimum of 1GB of RAM. The hardware cost of the RAM may be less than your labor costs getting that installed in every PC. If your existing PCs can take full advantage of Vista, I’m happy for you. I don’t believe you, but I hope your upgrade goes well.

    Read more of James Gaskin’s commentary here

  • Unknown Security Issues
    If you do plan on upgrading to Vista, I would recommend at least waiting a few months to allow it to mature in the real world. Nobody knows how many bugs and security flaws may exist until it’s tested. I hope Microsoft is right when they say this is the most secure version of Windows they have ever released.
  • High-End Specifications
    Sure, Vista will run on your older computer. But why spend so much money on an operating system only to find out that you can’t run it up to its full potential because your hardware wasn’t made in 2006. You shouldn’t have to upgrade your entire system just to get your moneys worth.
  • Pop ups galore!
    When I demoed one of the Vista release candidate’s, there were pop up messages left and right. In fact, I recall it taking me at least four clicks just to empty my recycle bin! This is one of the major annoyances that users are going to complain about until they die. Vista’s new User Account Protection (UAP) enhancement has totally failed in my eyes, as well as others. I think Paul Thurrott put it best: The bad news, then, is that UAP is a sad, sad joke. It’s the most annoying feature that Microsoft has ever added to any software product, and yes, that includes that ridiculous Clippy character from older Office versions. The problem with UAP is that it throws up an unbelievable number of warning dialogs for even the simplest of tasks. That these dialogs pop up repeatedly for the same action would be comical if it weren’t so amazingly frustrating. It would be hilarious if it weren’t going to affect hundreds of millions of people in a few short months. It is, in fact, almost criminal in its insidiousness.Read more on UAP by Paul Thurrott here.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
    If you truly think about the reasons for upgrading operating system to the latest and greatest version, what are they? I could sum them up in about three points:

    • Security enhancements
    • Feature enhancements
    • Application additions and enhancements

    Now, with the right precautions and protocols in place, your Windows XP machine can be just as secure as any other computer on the net. You don’t need annoying User Account Protection pop up boxes notifying you that you are about to empty your recycle bin. It’s always been my stance that a machine is as secure as the administrator allows it to be. Further, do you really need to spend a ton of money just to enhance the look of your desktop? Why not check out a desktop enhancement engine such as WinCustomize if thats your concern. Besides, all the enhancements I’ve seen from Vista are Microsoft’s way of playing catchup with Mac OSX and Linux window managers.

Finally, when it comes down to it, upgrading to Vista is up to you and how much you are willing to dish out and put up with from the Microsoft monopoly. Personally, I’m a happy open source user who easily finds alternatives to everything I need and love to use on the desktop. With the higher costs averages, unknown potential security risks, and high end specifications, I’m baffled at businesses that are actually planning on upgrading to Vista at the end of this month. I wish those IT managers luck.

12 thoughts on “5 Reasons NOT To Upgrade to Windows Vista

  1. You are full of crap. It’s these pathetic myths that ruin the excitement of this exciting OS release. I’ve been running Vista RC2 on a custom-built PC I put together years ago and it runs fine. Aero works great on my cheap old ATI Radeon 9600 video card. And by the way, Vista runs just as good or better than XP when in Basic mode (the same skinning mode as XP), so why would a business need to upgrade anything? Any PC from the past few years should have 1gb of RAM and Vista runs great with that.

    Yeah, my XP system was stable, fast and secure because I know how to protect it. But, my Vista system will be stable, fast, secure and include a lot more modern functionality. The new Windows Explorer is worth the upgrade alone. The new backup and deployment features are a huge benefit to businesses and will make Vista installations cheaper, faster and easier for administrators. Vista is not just about transparent windows – it’s about lots of incredibly useful modern usability and security. It has caught up to and surpassed OS X in many ways.

    By the way, UAC has been drastically improved since the early betas…not to mention it can be disabled very easily. Quit living in denial and accept the fact that your open source world will never compete with the passion and development power behind Microsoft. And quit spreading complete bullshit about an OS you don’t understand.

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  3. Indeed this article is full of shit. I don’t see any reason not to upgrade, especially if you use a pirated vista. I have paid almost 1.500$ for my new desktop pc and I want a OS that uses the full of it!

  4. I think both of you are full of crap. I am a computer technician and business owner of my own computer company. I am purposely detering people from getting Vista for at least a year. These people are my clients and take what I say to heart. Vista is still buggy and like XP will still have updates and patches coming out of Microsofts proverbial ass. Hell, XP still has more updates and patches coming non-stop. As far as Linux and Mac being competitive in the computer world, YOU need to open your eyes and get out of denial. Linux and Mac will be the ones to put Microsoft out of business. Just like Mozilla Firefox will be the downfall of Internet Explorer. If Microsoft is not careful, they will cut there own throats. Personally I have 2 Windows machines (XP and 2000) running just incase I need them to walk someone through a problem. However, my other 4 machines in the office have Linux operating systems on them, and I am in the process of getting 2 Macs as well. For your information, I can do everything and anything on a Linux machine that I can do on a Windows machine with programs that are just as good or better then programs that are used on Windows. The best thing is that about 98% of the Linux programs are free through open source GPL/GNU Licensing. Not to mention Linux and Mac are more stable and more secure then Microsoft ever has been, or ever will be as long as they are in business. People are getting tired of the high costs of Microsoft and they are also tired of all of the red tape B.S. that comes with Microsoft software. Not to mention all the updates and patches. In my experience and observation, open source is the dawn of a new era. I would say you guys need to pull your heads out of your backside and take notice, if you do not, you will be the fools paying the price. Oh, buy the way, Linux is a derivative of an OS called Unix. Unix has been around a lot longer than Microsoft and is known as the top server OS as far as stability and security are concerned. Yes, my friends, take notice, open source is where it is at, and will be the leader coming up as Microsoft gradually continues to go down hill. Do not believe me? Keep an eye on Microsofts stocks. Here is something else you probably do not know. Where do you think all the icons in Windows Vista came from?? They sure look like icons and tabs that Linux has had for the last couple of years. I also know for a fact that Gates has a team of technicians that get paid to tear down and analyze and work with Linux products, morning, noon, and night. Why do you suppose he has them do that all day. It is so he has a pattern for his Windows operating system. Think about it, open source code is public information, so why wouldnt Bill use that to his benefit and implement it into his NEW operating system. I also know for a fact that Microsoft Corporation servers are not ran with Microsoft Server Products. The majority of servers in the office buildings at Microsoft Corporation are either Unix based or Linux based servers. However, Bill will not admit to that publicly. However, he sure likes the stability and security of the Linux and Unix servers and would be a fool to not use them in his own company. Look around before you spout off, OPEN SOURCE is all around you and it is here to stay.

  5. ByTech Computer Services- I pity the poor clients that avail of your services. You are some small time system builder that shows up to MS events to steal as many freebies as possible. I know your type.

    Do you realize that MSFT has 94% of the OS market? 4% is apple and a mere 1% is linux. Do you even realize why OS’s get patches issued? It’s because reckless nerds try to exploit them in any way possible( honestly, you think that Mac OS X or Linux is unbreakable?).

    Do you realize that MS has issued free upgrades to Vista for people buying win Xp 3 months prior to launch? And the higher price for the ultimate edition is justified because it also includes media center!

    Unless you know for a fact and can prove what goes on in Redmond, i’d advise you to shut up as you have no credibility.

    You talk of MS stock? Stock value has jumped from 25$ to close to 30$ in the past 6 months! And there is NO need to tear down linux (if you wern’t as ignorant you’d know that Open source software is made for user modification!). You seem more like a cynical preacher than a system builder. Shame on you

    Firefox is a great browser no doubt, but IE 7 has very comparable functionality.

  6. Have any of you realized that this was an OPINIONATED list of reasons not to upgrade to Vista? So, that means this list is really reasons the author won’t be upgrading and why you should at least consider not upgrading yourself. So many people need to learn to read with trying to get the last word in. You don’t know as much as you say you do, everyone knows that. Linux and Apple don’t have a “serious” competition to MS because so many people don’t think they have any other option. Start thinking in terms of the common man and not in terms of your own little geeky minds and your geeky little friends.

    Learn to read and observe the word, “opinionated.”

  7. Wow. I bet you’d make a good used car salesman.

    Microsoft has been known for price gouging in the past, but the release of Vista takes the term to a whole new level. A copy of Microsoft Vista Ultimate is going to cost almost fifty percent more than a copy of Microsoft XP Pro. If thats not price gouging I don’t know what is!”

    Using your method of argument: a 2002 Chrysler 300M cost about $22,000 new. Now Chrylser has came out with a newer, better version, and the Chrysler 300C SRT has a base MSRP of over $47,000! That’s an increase of 214%!

    Compare oranges to oranges here, not oranges to exotic fruit. Compare XP Pro to Vista Business. XP Pro retail upgrade is $199. Vista Business is also $199. XP Pro retail full version? $299. Vista Business retail full version? Yep! $299. Seems like a good deal considering that after 5 years, an improved product is sold at the same price.

    “Unknown Security Issues”
    As opposed to known security issues?

    “High-End Specifications”

    Perpetual upgrades. It’s the life of the computer industry. Yes, I work with some customers who don’t want to give up their Windows 95 machines. But you know what? They should give them up. And if they have to buy new hardware to run the latest OS, then great! The new hardware will manage power better, be more secure, receive product updates, and on and on.

    “Pop ups galore!
    blah blah blah blah release candidate’s blah blah blah. ”

    Oh. RC1. Yeah. It’s better now.

  8. Razvan Says:
    December 26th, 2006 at 12:25 pm

    Indeed this article is full of shit. I don’t see any reason not to upgrade, especially if you use a pirated vista. I have paid almost 1.500$ for my new desktop pc and I want a OS that uses the full of it!

    personally, i want an OS that uses as little of my computers’ power as possible, leaving more for the applications i’m trying to run in it.

  9. Reason number six: Matthew Flook
    Reason number seven: Razvan
    Reason number eight: Jh

    If I didn’t hate Microsoft already, it’s fans would be reason enough.

  10. Another reason NOT to upgrade;
    Even HP will NOT be providing
    Vista drivers for it’s older products such as scanners.

  11. ByTech Computer Services
    I can do everything and anything on a Linux machine that I can do on a Windows machine with programs that are just as good or better then programs that are used on Windows.

    Ever tried playing command and conquer?

  12. OK, I’m running XP Pro and I have absolutely NO reasons to upgrade to Vista. I do not have ANY problems with security nor stability nor OS’s speed nor ease of use. Whichever extra program there is installed by default with Vista but not with XP I can either download from the internet an alternative which does the same thing or dismiss as not necessary for me. I don’t care at all about eye candy in UI (in fact I don’t want it – I’m not even using Luna right now), I could care less about DX10 games (and it isn’t even a valid argument – see Alky Project’s work). Tell me you all Vista fanatics – why should I waste my time on so called ‘OS upgrade’? I’m hardly MS basher – I know they have some very good products (just to name one, SQL Server 2005 is great – worked for several months with it – zero problems).

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