Free Christmas Recipes

Here is a list of some sites that offer free Christmas recipes for your Christmas cooking needs! The following free Christmas recipe sites include items such as Christmas Eggnog, Christmas Cherry Pie, Christmas Cookies, and various other free holiday recipes.

Yum! Enjoy your holidays with these excellent free holiday recipes!

Microsoft Is Embracing Open Source..

Amazing isn’t it? According to Scott Guthrie, a General Manager for Microsoft’s Developer Division, Microsoft will be releasing the source code for the .NET framework libraries for .NET 3.5 and VS 2008 releases due later this year.

From Scott’s blog:

We’ll begin by offering the source code (with source file comments included) for the .NET Base Class Libraries (System, System.IO, System.Collections, System.Configuration, System.Threading, System.Net, System.Security, System.Runtime, System.Text, etc), ASP.NET (System.Web), Windows Forms (System.Windows.Forms), ADO.NET (System.Data), XML (System.Xml), and WPF (System.Windows). We’ll then be adding more libraries in the months ahead (including WCF, Workflow, and LINQ). The source code will be released under the Microsoft Reference License (MS-RL).

This is a positive step forward for Microsoft and a great advantage for .NET developers. I look forward to hearing more open source initiatives by Microsoft in the future.

Update: Turns out I, as well as a few others, misunderstood the news yesterday about the .NET framework libraries being released as open source. In actuality, Microsoft is releasing the source code for .NET as shared source, meaning that developers will simply be able to BROWSE the source code, but will be unable to make changes to the code itself. Basically, you can look – but you can’t touch. So, this isn’t really an embrace of open source and I stand corrected.

DRM-free MP3′s

“2 Million Songs From More Than 180,000 Artists and Over 20,000 Labels, Including EMI Music and Universal Music Group”


If you haven’t heard already, has launched a public beta of Amazon MP3, a digital music store offering customers a huge (see above) selection of DRM-free MP3 downloads, encoded at 256 kilobits per second, priced from 89 cents to 99 cents, with CD’s as low as $4.99.

What is DRM?

Digital rights management (DRM) is basically a technology that aims to limit the use of digital media, in this case, mp3′s, or digital music. An MP3 that contains DRM is supposed to restrict you from copying the file, or converting the file to other formats. Online music stores tend to adhere to DRM technologies by restricting usage of music purchased and downloaded.

Check out the DRM wiki for more information.

Check out this post for a quick review by GigaOM of the service.

WordPress Exploit

David Kierznowski has uncovered an exploit in the popular WordPress blogging software that everyone should be aware of. Popular security website Security Focus has the issue documented, and it is suggested that you upgrade your template.php file as soon as possible to avoid becoming a victim.

The WordPress team has issued an updated release, version 2.0.6 that contains a fix.

Simply put, to fix the wordpress exploit, visit the wordpress site and edit line 114 in your template.php file.

10 Things To Bring To A Best Buy Camp Out

Best Buy CampersWith all sorts of people already starting to camp out at Best Buy stores around the United States for the new release of the Play Station 3, its important that they have everything they need to stay comfortable. Though it is a bit shocking that nine days before a game console release people are desperate enough to put their lives on hold and spend more than 200 hours in one place, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things to bring to a Best Buy camp out.. Continue reading