Delta Airlines Runs Linux

I noticed that the seat back entertainment systems on Delta Airlines run Linux on a flight last week during a reboot. Heres a few snaps:

Delta Airlines Runs LinuxDelta Airlines Runs Linux

It’s reported that Delta is running an enterprise version of Red Hat but there are no confirmed sources.

The entertainment system is called Song, which allows you to do some of the following:

  • Digitally-streamed MP3 programming that allows customers to create individual play lists during their flights;
  • Downloadable, pay-per-view movie programming available on demand, featuring a wide-range of current offerings for all ages;
  • Interactive iXplor moving map program with zoom capabilities and points of interest information; and
  • Connecting gate information broadcast directly to personal in-seat video monitors.

Engadget has a nice article detailing the system from 2004.

2 thoughts on “Delta Airlines Runs Linux

  1. I recently flew on a KLM flight (Boeing 777) to SFO from Amsterdam. Economy had the same entertainment system shown in this article. What was amazing is the incredibly large catalog of movies available, all free. In similar systems running WinCE (Airbus 330, USAir Manchester UK, Philadelphia), once you play a movie you cannot forward it or replay it. With this system you can pretty much do whatever you want. I am sure that’s because it runs Linux ;-)

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