Quickzi: How to Disable The System Beep in Ubuntu

If you’re looking to get rid of the annoying system beep in Ubuntu, here is how to do it from both the command line, and from the Gnome desktop.

Disable the System Beep from the Command Line

#sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

And then add:

#pc speaker beep

blacklist pcspkr

Save and quit the file:


Now, remove the pcspkr module:

sudo rmmod pcspkr

Disable the System Beep in Ubuntu from the Gnome Desktop

This way is much easier.  Simply navigate to System -> Preferences -> Sound then navigate to the System Beep tab.  Uncheck the box labeled “Enable the System Beep” and click close.

Disable the System Beep from the Ubuntu Desktop

4 thoughts on “Quickzi: How to Disable The System Beep in Ubuntu

  1. Hi Adam Kane
    Thank you for solving annoying problem with permanent Solution. I tried (command line method) Ubuntu 8.04 on Dell Latitude D620, it worked.

  2. You saved my life.

    I was on ubuntu for years with one of my computers. And I had this annoying beep.
    For some reasons, I had to format and install Windows XP. Of course, no beeping issue.
    I recently installed jolicloud (in dual boot), and beeping issues… again!

    Doesn’t work with the GUI method, but the command method worked fine!

    That saved my life ^^


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