I can see Juan crossing the border!

Texas Virtual BorderTexas is wanting us, the United States public, to pay attention to OUR borders. Ironic? I think not. They have installed a series of cameras along the border and set up live web feeds, free for anyone to watch. By simply spending two minutes and filling out a sign up form, checking your email for the password, and logging in, you can sit back and wait for some illegals to cross, then report any suspicious activity.

Personally I think this is a decent idea. Although it would be much funner if they installed weapons on each camera and allowed you to aim at people, I still think Texas is taking a correct step forward, albeit racist or not.

As of right now, there are only eight cameras, but officials have stated that they plan to set up at least 70 more cameras along the South Texas border, almost turning this into a game for us Internet lurkers. So, a big pat on the back to the Texas Homeland Security men and women for taking a concept similar to Web 2.0 and using it for a good cause, securing our borders!

To read CNN’s article, click here.

Visit the Texas Virtual Test Site here.

One thought on “I can see Juan crossing the border!

  1. “…albeit racist or not.” Nothing racist about it. They are trying to reduce all people illegally entering our country. Common sense.

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