Linux Contest Results and Winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card

First let me start off by thanking everyone who participated in the Linux quiz contest.  I had fun coming up with the questions and I like giving things away to people who participate in the website, so it was a perfect marriage.

The winners of week 4 were apokalyptik, Anirudh, and Ben P. You can head over to the week 4 page to view the answers.  Most of you forgot to add an -e flag to your sed statements.

The winner of the free $25 Amazon Gift Card is Ben P. who answered 3 weeks of questions correctly.  He should be receiving an e-mail from me shortly.  Congratulations Ben!

Also a big congratulations to Apokalyptik for answering correctly two weeks in a row!  You almost tied Ben!

Again, thanks to all of you who participated.

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