Quickzi: How To Log Boot Messages in Ubuntu

Here is a quick Linux tip to log your boot messages in Ubuntu.  This is great for checking for any errors or failed startups that may be happening during boot.

Edit /etc/default/bootlogd:

# vi /etc/default/bootlogd

You’ll see the following lines:

# Run bootlogd at startup ?

Change No to Yes:

# Run bootlogd at startup ?

Now every time your computer restarts, a /var/log/boot file will be created.

3 thoughts on “Quickzi: How To Log Boot Messages in Ubuntu

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  2. doesnt work.
    also updating runlevels afterwards (sudo update-rc bootlogd defaults) wont do the trick.
    seems to be broken long time cause of upstarter replacing sysv init.
    so in the end ubuntu cant log the boot screen (dmesg doesnt hold all boot messages for me) – great!

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