Mothers Day Gift Idea for the Tech Geeks

So you want to do something nice for your mother on the glorified Mothers Day holiday?  Flowers are always an easy, unthoughtful gift.  Why not step outside the box and create mom something really cool?  Theres an awesome guide on creating a digital picture frame from an old laptop computer running Linux.

The author of the guide explains how he bought a 500Mhz PIII processor, with 128MB of ram, a 4GB hard drive and a wireless card for $75.  He then installed Damn Small Linux and went to work configuring some scripts to automatically perform some tasks.  Finally, he shows how he reconstructed the laptop to fit the look of an actual picture frame by taking away pieces of it.

What’s really neat about this idea is if you can set up an internet connection on it, you could essentially configure it so you can remotely update it via SCP or RSYNC with pictures from anywhere so your Mom can always be up to date with pictures from you.