Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu has opened it’s newest site, Ubuntu Brainstorm, to the public.  The concept behind Ubuntu Brainstorm is similar to Dell’s IdeaStorm, in that users of Ubuntu can submit ideas for improvements to Ubuntu and have the public vote on them.  Similar to Digg, the ideas with the highest votes reach the front page.  What a great idea.  This is further proof that Ubuntu is changing the Linux desktop for the better.

Windows Vista ready for Service Pack 1

Neil Randall has a nice review of Microsoft’s Windows Vista Service Pack 1. The review covers installation, performance differences, security, and more.

Also, for the hard core gamers, Vista Service Pack 1 will support Direct3D 10.1.

A little over a year after the first appearance of Vista, Service Pack 1 (SP1) is nearly ready for download. [There have been a couple of release snafus, including the accidental release, on 2/21/08, of the 64-bit version.–Editor]. SP1 is a useful but not crucial update to the OS, and one that won’t greatly affect your computing day, at least not outwardly. The bulk of the development effort has gone toward upgrading security subsystems—elements that enterprise clients find appealing but consumers and small-business users won’t really notice (although they’ll feel better knowing about them). The bottom line is that there’s absolutely no reason not to download SP1 (which you’ll receive automatically if you have AutoUpdate turned on), so it’s almost a given that it will become the standard in the very near future.

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I can see Juan crossing the border!

Texas Virtual BorderTexas is wanting us, the United States public, to pay attention to OUR borders. Ironic? I think not. They have installed a series of cameras along the border and set up live web feeds, free for anyone to watch. By simply spending two minutes and filling out a sign up form, checking your email for the password, and logging in, you can sit back and wait for some illegals to cross, then report any suspicious activity. Continue reading

Utube.com Sues YouTube.com

Ohio based company Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corp. has filed a lawsuit against YouTube Inc. claiming that in the recent past months it has cost a fortune to keep their website – utube.com – hosted due to the high demands of Internet users expecting to see youtube.com. Universal Tube’s President Ralph Girkins said that they have moved the website five times in attempts to stay ahead of high demands and traffic loads of YouTube users.The lawsuit states that YouTube Inc. stop using the domain youtube.com or pay Universal Tube the cost of creating a new domain. Wow? What a whole $8.99 USD from Godaddy? What’s sad is that I’m sure the lawsuit is march larger than the cost of a new domain. Perhaps they should just propose a sale of utube.com to someone looking to illegally host a link farm? Or even smarter, sell it to YouTube Inc.What’s funny about this whole story reaching news headlines is that Universal Tube’s hits are going to increase even more now! They should have kept it under wraps and simply sold the domain. Who cares who was there first.

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Web reaches 100 million website milestone

CNN is reporting that the Internet services company Netcraft has released reports that in the month of October, the web reached 100 million websites with domain names and had content on them.

The United States, Germany, China, South Korea, and Japan were amongst the greatest web site growing spurts.

I wonder whose website was 100 million…

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Lawyer Arressted While Dressed As Bin Laden

Reuters is reporting that an attoreny in South Portland, Maine was arrested Tuesday, Halloween night, after he dressed as Osama Bin Laden and waved a fake gun at traffic.

Random motorist who witnessed the man dressed as Osama Bin Laden called the police and reported to see a man dressed in Arab clothes, wearing a Bin Laden mask, waving a stick of dynamite.

Thomas Connelly, 49, was arrested by South Portland police and charged with criminal threatening. He was later released on bail.

Ah, the joys of halloween!

MySpace’s New Technology

Reuters is reporting that News Corp.’s MySpace.com has acquired a new technology to prevent users from posting unauthorized copyrighted music on their pages. This could dull-down the popular social networking site which boasts to be originally founded on the principles of allowing small-time bands and aspiring musicians a chance to share their music and stay connected to their fans. On the flip side, this could spell major changes in the way MySpace operates its music playing services. Perhaps this could mean big money in the upcoming future, if the cards are played right.

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Worlds Top 10 Spammers

The great folks over at Spamhaus release a weekly report on the worst spammers in the world. The list is compiled of the 10 people or organizations that Spamhaus believes are the worst career spammers and who are causing the most damage on the Internet this week.

You’ll note #3 (Michael Lindsay / iMedia Networks) is based in California, so I think I’m going to gather up a bunch of friends and baseball bats and go on the hunt for this guy. If you are wondering how someone in the United States can run a business strictly based on spamming, well so am I. The obvious statement is that he runs off-shore hosted servers and everything is done as legit as possible to avoid the long arm of the law, but someone needs to do something about these people making a fortune from spam.

That is where the bats come in..

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