15 Of The Best Computer Technology Magazines

I’m an avid reader and collector of computer and technology magazines. With most journalism style publishing leaning toward more online blogs and other digital content, you might ask yourself “why would I want to pay money to subscribe to a magazine?” Well, one good reason is that its just too damn hard to read a blog on your laptop while on the toilet. Magazines are also nice to have in a line or lobby for that matter. Despite what some people think, magazines are still in high demand even with the seemingly unlimited supply of digital content that we see today. Continue reading

MySpace’s New Technology

Reuters is reporting that News Corp.’s MySpace.com has acquired a new technology to prevent users from posting unauthorized copyrighted music on their pages. This could dull-down the popular social networking site which boasts to be originally founded on the principles of allowing small-time bands and aspiring musicians a chance to share their music and stay connected to their fans. On the flip side, this could spell major changes in the way MySpace operates its music playing services. Perhaps this could mean big money in the upcoming future, if the cards are played right.

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