Three things Linux desktops need to do to beat Windows

After visiting LinuxWorld in San Francisco, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols took away a common theme with the panels he sat in on, “What does Linux need to do to compete more successfully on the desktop?”  What he came up with was three specific things that Linux needs to do in order to beat Windows on the desktop.

In short, the three points are

  1. Better power management.  This goes far beyond ACPI.
  2. Applications.  Wine, virtualization, or alternative software.
  3. Device drivers.

I agree with Steven in that these three areas should be at the top of the list for Linux developers.  There is no excuse for Linux being behind in any of these areas and we should be doing everything we can to make sure Linux at least can compete with Windows and Mac in these three simple areas.

Read more here.

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