Vote for your favorite open source projects

SourceForge is holding the 2008 Community Choice awards where you get to nominate open source projects in different categories. Based on the nominations, ten finalists will be chosen in each category and the winners will receive the coveted award robot, be showered with praise, and will have vastly increased reputation in the city or town of their choice.

Here are the award categories:

  • Most Likely to Change the World
  • Best New Project
  • Most Likely to Be Ambiguously Accused of Patent Violation
  • Most Likely to Get Users Sued
  • Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins
  • Best Tool or Utility for Developers
  • Best Project
  • Best Project for the Enterprise
  • Best Project for Educators
  • Most Likely to Be the Next $1B Acquisition
  • Best Project for Multimedia
  • Best Project for Gamers

Go here for more information and to nominate your favorite open source projects!

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