Worlds Top 10 Spammers

The great folks over at Spamhaus release a weekly report on the worst spammers in the world. The list is compiled of the 10 people or organizations that Spamhaus believes are the worst career spammers and who are causing the most damage on the Internet this week.

You’ll note #3 (Michael Lindsay / iMedia Networks) is based in California, so I think I’m going to gather up a bunch of friends and baseball bats and go on the hunt for this guy. If you are wondering how someone in the United States can run a business strictly based on spamming, well so am I. The obvious statement is that he runs off-shore hosted servers and everything is done as legit as possible to avoid the long arm of the law, but someone needs to do something about these people making a fortune from spam.

That is where the bats come in..

Click here for Spamhaus’ entire Register Of Known Spam Operations

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